“3 Minute Bets” Review: What this betting system REALLY is!


3 MINUTE BETS Review: Horse racing is an exhilarating sport and it surely draws throngs of spectators. Betting is one way that many people take part in to make the event more exciting. Most of all, it allows them to experience their favorite sports and earn money if they bet wisely. There are various betting techniques and entities which can help improve your chance of winning in these deals. One of which is 3 Minute Bets which will be reviewed in this article.

3 Minutes Bets is a fast and easy way to place your bets online. This service is after a method that creator Chris Bishops, a horse racing enthusiast himself, has used to make a lot of money. In one of his videos, Chris explains how he does this by analyzing the patterns and probable trends for winning horses as well as the varied aspects which could influence the race such the bearing of the jockeys, the trainers and time and venue of the race.

How 3 Minute Bets Works

Basically, the service gives you advice on two to five bets, back bets and each way bets, every day. The suggestions are e-mailed in the evening, typically around 10pm, giving you ample time to place your bets. As the name implies, the entire betting process will only take 3 minutes:

    Read your email
  1. Study the selections
  2. Choose and place yours bets

Chris works on the daily game analysis and gives his members tips on where and when to bet thereby saving you a lot of time doing your own research.

One of the amazing features of 3 Minute Bets is you don’t need start betting huge amounts of cash to get approved. You can start your bets for as low as two pounds and some bookies would even allow you to start with less. With 3 Minute Bets, you can start low and then slowly raise the amount of the bets you place through an online bookie or high street bookmaker. Two of the prominent ones are Betfair and Bet365 which can be accessed internationally.

3 Minute Bets appears to be a simple tipping service for horse racing – but making money using this method is fairly easy. Although, it does not ensure a win every day, you can possibly win hundreds of pounds within a brief period of time. Simply visit their website 3minutebets.com, fill in the information required including your email address and start receiving betting tips.

Of course, not everyone can be expected to quickly hop on the 3 Minute Bets bandwagon. 3 Minute Bets offers its members a 60-day money-back guarantee which is something that other betting systems do not offer. Now, that’s an incredible way to test it without risk. You can become a member for a reasonable price and see how it will go. But take note that 3 Minute Bets will only be available to only a hundred people or so. Go to 3minutebets.com and come to a decision as quickly as you can. Click here to get access to “” now: http://idealreviews.com/3-minute-bets

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