Aeon SWTOR Guide Review: What it REALLY is! (new)


Aeon SWTOR Guide Review: The Aeon Guide is a collection of guides that were written by pro’s for “Star Wars: The Old Republic“. It says that it gives you the newest and most correct information to date. It is made specifically for SWTOR players if you are having problems leveling, powering, healing, or just about anything. Question is does this guide do what it claims? Read our review and find out the truth.

Aeon Guide Review

Aeon SWTOR Guide ReviewIt is written by some of the best players around and by professionals and has been written for Star Wars as a collection of guides. Alot of the players in the guide are from top 10 guilds like Ensidia, Premonition, and Exodus with World of Warcraft, also Maximization with the Rift game. This really boosts up the Aeon Guide. Those people play to be the top players and are very competitive and now you to can read their understanding of SWTOR.

The Aeon SWTOR Guide is a very good guide that was made for SWTOR players that are looking for the best secrets and that are understandable too. Even if you are new to the game, after reading this guide you can reach the top by allowing you to bypass all the trials and errors everyone else has to go through. Not only that but it will help you reach the highest level the easiest way possible that will help you work more intelligently not harder. You can learn leveling through flashpoints by learning the best way to heal or tank them.

The Aeon SWTOR Guide was very well researched and checked out so you will get the greatest builds, the greatest items, the greatest rotations, and the greatest strategies for all parts of the game. The guides in the Aeon Guide talk about leveling, PVP, Soloing, questing, stats, itemization, healing, end game, tanking and DPSing. If it is part of the game you will learn how to be the best at it.

By the time you reach level 10 you will know just where to place every talent point and how and when to use your abilities and spells. You could waste countless hours and a whole lot of credits using trial and error or just be glad that you are using what the guide showed you was the best build and roatation no matter what you do.

When it comes to SWTOR there are two most important parts, PVP and end game content. It usually would take you many hours of trial and error practice to create the best builds, items and gears that equal an awesome PVP killer. The Aeon Guide will give you a learning curve which will shorten this creation time due to tested and very effective PVP builds.

Is the Aeon SWTOR Guide a Scam?

Of course not, it comes as a well researched and very tested guide, you will see for yourself when it is tested by you. Did I mention that it comes with a 60 day 100 percent money return policy? That sure says its no scam. Not to mention you will never have any fees and all your updates are free.


Even on the first play day you will be playing like a master. You can become that player that everyone wants help from, make your friends drool too. Have the right built the moment you first step into PVP and all your rivals will fear you forever!

This guide works with your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, actually they will actually work on any device you have, that means you will be able to access the guides from anyplace! Click here to get the ‘Aeon SWTOR Guide‘ now:

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