• Title: ClickBank Doctor
  • Creator(s): Mark Jones
  • Launch Date: September 30th, 2011
  • Topic: Internet Marketing
  • Official Website: ClickBank Doctor Website

ClickBank Doctor: What it REALLY is!

If you’re a ClickBank marketer, then you’re probably familiar with the types of tools, help, or assistance that’s available to you on ClickBank. They have quite a large “help” center that aims to provide their marketers with useful information, reports, and other recommendations. While there are many tools that will prepare reports for you so you can track your progress, the feedback is mostly strictly confined to all ClickBank marketers instead of providing you individual information. While this may suffice for ClickBank marketers, marketers who want to make the most out of their ClickBank business would love having a tool that would quickly, efficiently, and smartly analyze all of your data and provide very versatile, useful, and feedback that you could immediately put into action.

The answer is here though for marketers looking for this kind of help. ClickBank Doctor is a new software available and designed specifically for ClickBank marketers, and so far, there doesn’t seem to be anything else out there like it. CB Doctor will undoubtedly completely change the way you can utilize your results, turning them into things you can benefit from versus being simply numbers on a page. CB Doctor takes into account your sales and affiliate data, analyzes it, and proceeds to recommend ways to increase your sales, optimize affiliate promotions, and suggestions on how to better engage your customers.

The first few times you use this software it will more than pays for itself, as the results you’re given are not only accurate, analyzed optimally, and catered specifically to your business, it can encompass so much more than Click Bank data, making it a useful resource in general for your business as whole, and it also provides recommendations created solely for you.

For example, with Clickbank Doctor, in addition to allowing you to put all of your ClickBank accounts into the software, you can also manually add in all of your offline sales, making it a convenient spot you can go to in order to view the data from your entire online business, not just your ClickBank business. Better yet, you can do this through using a simple interface or by CVS uploading. Speaking of offline sales, you can also add in expenses that can be run Profits and Lost Reports over your whole business, and the software will tell you to decrease expenses, where opportunities for savings are, and obviously, this all equates to more profit for you. You can also add Google traffic analytics in addition to your ClickBank traffic, and CB Doctor will factor that in as well. Utilizing this traffic analysis will ultimately result in higher conversion rates and CB Doctor will also make conversion recommendations.

Once you plug in your API key, you’ll receive a first recommendation within 48 hours, since it takes a bit for it to produce its in-depth, accurate, and individualized results. Another great benefit is that after you’ve began to use ClickBank Doctor, the software will automatically make recommendations in the future as soon as it recognizes potential problems. There’s not much more a ClickBank marketer could ask for; the ability to see data and to see recommendations produced from the data that will turn into results, and software that will continually guide the marketer. It’s as though you have your own built in business coach with you every step of the way.

IMPORTANT: If you would need some help with ClickBank Doctor after you bought it, don’t hesitate to ask me! I would be really happy to help you to start making your first sales with it!

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ClickBank Doctor Review

Internet marketing” After I started out I had no merchandise, so there was no attainable way for me to make any sales. Once I began purchasing other people’s merchandise I became an affiliate for the ones that helped me most and gave me the greatest benefits. That approach I could tell the individuals on my list what I assumed and why they should take into account shopping for them. Then I included my affiliate hyperlink, ensuring to let them know that I’d earn a commission if they selected to purchase. I remember making my first sale within the spring of 2006. It was for round forty dollars and my fee was round twenty dollars. I knew then that this was the start of one thing big.

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ClickBank Doctor Mark Jones

ClickBank Doctor Mark Jones

However there are many basics that must first be established, equivalent to high quality products and a web site that may be considered simple and intuitive with components that show indicators of belief throughout. Combining this with effect with search engine optimization is vital to the success of increasing the traffic to your web site and can permit your web site to rank as highly as potential inside the search engine outcomes web page SERP’s.

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There’s an old insider secret for IM conmen and it is that they “fake it until they make it”. How this works is that they create a training program promising to indicate you easy methods to do web optimization, or social media marketing or article advertising for example. What you get is a rewritten version of the whole lot they’ve heard on boards with their own spin on it.

I assumed that as quickly as I had my very own courses and digital products I most likely wouldn’t recommend anybody else’s programs. I used to be fully unsuitable about this. It seems that being an affiliate for the best people and products obtainable on the Web enhances my business and permits me to earn even larger profits over time. Mark Jones ClickBank Doctor review