“Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide” Review: How this can help you!


“Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide” Review: After 12 years of waiting and 4 of development, Diablo 3 is arrived. We have five new classes, a new crafting mechanic, a new skill system and many other changes. It feels like a different game if we were to compare it to Diablo 2. Don’t lose hope. There are a few guides that can help you master the game faster than you think possible. Today we will have a look at Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide and why it is different than others.

The Man Behind The Guide

Deckard's Diablo 3 Guide reviewThere is not much info about the author but it seems that he is not just simple writer. Everything seems to be written from the perspective of a real hardcore gamer. The step-by-step information is organized on a need to know basis and no fluff content can be found. To inspire trust, the author offers a full 60-day money back guaranteed policy. If the guide proves to be not what you are looking for you will get your money back. This is a genuine testimony of how confident the author is in his product.

The “Diablo 3 – Deckard’s Guide” Itself

The complete package of the Deckards Guide answers multiple common and very important questions such as: How to reach the level cap faster? What skills to use? What are the best builds? What items to use? How to get more gold? Not only that the guide succeeds to answer all these problems but it manages to cover another important aspect: passing down the information efficiently. Everything is explained in simple words without confusing the reader. The method of delivering the information is just as important as the information itself and the author is well aware of this problem.

Let’s Have A Look At What’s Inside The Full “Deckard’s Guide” Package

While other guides try to combine everything in as few chapters as possible, Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide keeps everything separated. We have 6 major segments and a bonus one. Let’s have a look the guide by listing all of them.
They all break down to these 7 sections:

  1. The Class Guides: Each and every class gets covered. We can find inside multiple builds for various difficulties including Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno, skills, stats and class specific resource pool management.
  2. Leveling Guide: This little handbook covers every single aspect involved in the leveling process such as what monster to kill, what zones to farm and what quests to repeat. Reaching the level cap just became easier with this little guide.
  3. Follower and Artisan Guide: If you plan to play alone, you will want to have your follower close by. This guide will show you what items to equip your follower with and skills to pick. You will also get the proper information in order to choose the right kind of follower for your class. The second part of the guide covers blacksmithing, jewelcrafting and everything in between. You will learn when to level up your skill in order to gain access to the useful rare items that you can craft.
  4. Weapons and Armor Guide: This guide is essential for leveling and endgame content. It is useless to attempt and kill mobs with level 10 gear if you are level 30. This handbook will prevent you from doing such mistakes. It will tell you what item stats to seek and how to scale the gear to your level.
  5. Boss Dominating Guide: Boss encounters are not as easy as they were in Diablo 2. Each boss gains new powers and abilities as the difficulty increases. This part of the “Diablo 3 – Deckard’s Guide” will make sure you are prepared for ANY challenge.
  6. Gold Guide: The ultimate goal of every player is fame and riches. All the effort is worthless if you’re not going to stack on piles of gold. This handbook teaches players how to become millionaires in in-game gold.
  7. Lifetime Updates: The game is expected to receive patch updates and changes. This free module offers updates to the Diablo Deckard’s Guide at no additional cost!

The Cons

Only one thing prevents the guide from betting a 10.0 star rating. The fact that is written in an eBook format can be uncomfortable for somebody but all other guides have the same issue. You will have to minimize the game from time to time to continue reading the guide (or you read it before you play), but if you can printed than this “problem” is solved.

The Verdict

When we look at other guides we see a much higher price for the same info. In fact not many of them contain such valuable information. Unlike others Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide is not filled with information from the official manual or from public forums. You get exclusive tips and tricks to level up fast, master your class and get rich while playing the game. Combined with the 60-day money back guaranteed policy, the deal can’t get any sweeter than this. Click here to try out Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide now: http://idealreviews.com/deckards-diablo-3-guide

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