Diablo 3 Ownage Review: What this new guide really is!


Diablo 3 has been launched for some time now but the number of new comers is increasing constantly. While some have already reached level 60, others still have a hard time dealing with Nightmare and Hell. Not everyone has the time to research and play for hours each day to max out his character and clear Inferno. There are some guides like Diablo 3 Ownage that make it easier for the player to cut down the time it takes to reach the level cap, gear up his character and enjoy the game just like the die-hard fans.
Diablo 3 Ownage ReviewIn the end, who doesn’t want to enjoy the game efficiently without sacrificing too much time of his life? Hardcore gamers had to find the tricks and means to play more efficient the hard way but with the aid of such a guide, the trial and error process is eliminated completely.

What The Diablo 3 Ownage Guide Is:

Diablo 3 Ownage has a different structure in comparison to other guides. Here’s what can be found inside:

The Main Guide:

It includes some power leveling strategies that follow the entire quest line, indicating boss fight strategies and various builds for all the five classes.

The Bonus Companion Guide:

This part of the Diablo 3 Ownage covers some of the basic aspects of the follower system as well as gear optimization and how classes can benefit by choosing the right type of companion.

The Bonus Diablo 3 Economy Guide:

In this crafty little handbook, the entire gold and real money economy of Diablo 3 gets explained in simple words. There are manipulation tactics and tips on how to profit the most by using either of the two auction houses.

Endgame build for EACH class:

All five classes, the Barbarian, the Demon Hunter, the Monk, the Wizard and the Witch Doctor got their own segment with detailed powerful builds for endgame content.


  • Simplicity. Diablo 3 Ownage explains game mechanics and tips in simple words. There is no fluff content or segments that could be removed without changing the value of the guide.
  • Accuracy of information. Other guides contain inaccurate information or outdated tips. Some of them present the game as it was in the beta but Diablo 3 Ownage remains a genuine product. All the tips and tricks in the guide are up to date to the final version of the game.
  • Efficiency. The guide will not tell the player what options he has. Instead it gets right to the point gives the reader only one path to follow which proves to be the most efficient one.
  • 60 day money back guarantee. This is the best customer care policy to have. The author from the Diablo 3 Ownage guide is truly confident in the product and added this as a means to show the reader how good it is otherwise, he would not be making any money by selling it. It is a priceless tool in the hands of a Diablo 3 fan and this is what the author is counting on: happy customers that do not even think about applying for a refund.


  • The only con worth mentioning is a guide for the crafting system. If this would have been added than Diablo 3 Ownage would deserve the title as the most complete guide out there.

The Bottom Line

The guide does deliver the results it advertises on the homepage of Diablo 3 Ownage. It is clear that hardcore gamers will have no use for it but when a casual player gets his hands on this collection of eBooks, things change significantly. Just by printing out the guide and having it near the keyboard as the progression takes place means that the player knows what’s up ahead. It explains in little detail but with great accuracy many aspects of the game including the two Auction Houses, class specifics, the progression line and how to get to the level cap as fast as possible.
It is worth the money as it saves a lot of time grinding for gear and experience and helps you play Diablo 3 much more successful. Click here to get ‘Diablo 3 Ownage‘ now: http://idealreviews.com/diablo-3-ownage

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