“Diablo 3 Pwnage” Review: The Truth About This New Diablo 3 Guide!


“Diablo 3 Pwnage” Review: Diablo 3 comes to offer a closure to the story and end Diablo’s reign of Terror once and for all. There are many changes to the game and everything seems much more complicated. This resulted in a natural need for game guides to teach the players what the experts have learned about it. Diablo 3 Pwnage manages to stand out from the crowd due its simplicity, clear logic and value of information.

Behind The Diablo 3 Pwnage Guide

Diablo 3 Pwnage ReviewThe guide itself was written by Conor Nash. There is very little information about him but the most obvious aspect about the writer is that he is an absolute hardcore gamer. His guide aims to keep things simple and clear. There are no useless so called “bonuses” or something else. Diablo 3 Pwnage is straight forward and no “fictional bonus guides” are added just to seem that you’re getting more than others offer. It is that kind of guide that offers more transparency than others.

The Pros

First off, the guide is impressively simple and easy to comprehend. The reader does not need to go through all of it to learn all there is to know for his class, gameplay and gear and gold aspirations. Reading the segment of interest is sufficient for the reader to master his class and have the appropriate gear for Inferno. In the complete package there are 5 guides which is just right for how a guide should be. Each class has its own guide that includes:

  1. Various builds
  2. Speed leveling – Reach level 60 in the shortest time!
  3. Completing quests MUCH faster
  4. Maximum gear optimization
  5. How to stockpile gold
  6. Other information useful for the reader

The Cons

The only con I could mention is that guide comes in a digital format. If the gamer has only one monitor it might seem a bit difficult to read it as the game is running. However, printing it out should solve the problem. Or an another solution is: You play Diablo 3 in “Window Mode” so you can switch easily to the guide everytime you want. Or you can read the guide and play just after reading it. This con is debatable and might not really fit in here since all other guides are presented in the same format.

The Bottom Line

Diablo 3 Pwnage is significantly different than other guides. It is simple and if the player want to master only one class, the will find the guide extremely useful and it will never bombard the player with information that does raise interest for the class of choice. Diablo 3 Pwnage offers MUCH more information than than other guides. It is a one-time investment that will pay off the moment the player gets it. Click here to get ‘Diablo 3 Pwnage‘ now: http://idealreviews.com/diablo-3-pwnage

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