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EVERIFY REVIEW: With the world today becoming more and more dangerous, we cannot really tell if a person that we have just met has evil intentions or not. This principle is especially true to employers who are meeting prospective employees for the first time. Thus, a thorough background check is needed to be sure that a prospective employee does not have any criminal record. Oftentimes, however, doing a background check is quite a hassle since you have to contact a private investigator to do the task.
eVerify review logoOn the other hand, some employers do it themselves by directly going to government units for the background check. However, with the advent of Everify, employers do not need to go through a long process anymore; in fact, doing background checks can be accomplished in just a few clicks because of Everify.

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What eVerify.com can do for you

Everify is an online tool designed to simplify the process of conducting background checks. You will just need to type a person’s name, phone number, address, or email and a detailed report will already be given to you. When you seek help from a private investigator, there is a corresponding payment for every person that you want to do a background check on; thus, you may soon find that your expenses are adding up. However, when you check with Everify, the number of persons that you want to check does not matter. In fact, you can do unlimited searches, and there is no additional expense. Imagine the big amount of money you can save by choosing Everify.

A great testament to the importance of Everify is its ability to provide very detailed reports. It can trace a person’s criminal record history and also provides a detailed and an accurate account of the crime such as the arrest, mugshots, the conviction, and a list of court records. Thus, you can be certain that the person you intend to employ does not have a previous criminal history. It should be noted that even people with a previous criminal history can act in a professional manner. Thus, by depending only on your face to face encounter with the person, you cannot correctly determine if that person has a past criminal behavior. In fact, potential employees may hide that information for fear of being discriminated against. However, by using the services of Everify, you can totally be sure whether the job applicant is telling the truth or not. This is very important because your business may be at risk when you hire someone with a previous record which you are not even aware of.


You can also be sure that Everify is very exhaustive when it comes to its background checks. As a matter of fact, Everify boasts of having the largest network of criminal records in the United States. Its database contains over three hundred million criminal records that cover all states in America. Its records involve correction records, court records, sex offender records, and inmate records from different counties in the various states. In addition, Everify allows you to have a list of email accounts that have been associated to the person you are checking. In fact, you can even get the email address of the previous employer of your potential employee. Through this, you my contact the previous employer to get more details on your potential employee before you make a decision to hire. Thus, you can be totally sure that the background checks by Everify are not only exhaustive, but more importantly, they are very reliable.

Another great feature of Everify is its accessibility. Since it is an online program, you would not need to step away from the comforts of your own place just to do a background check. In fact, you would just need to stay in front of your computer and wait for a short time to get your desired results. Before, you might still need to wait for your private investigator’s report, or you might need to wait in long lines when you check for a criminal record through a government unit. However, because of Everify, you can actually save a lot of time. Knowing the information immediately would help you make your hiring decision quickly and easily.

Now that you have been introduced to Everify, there is simply no other reason why you should not try it. In fact, even if you are not doing a background check, you can still use Everify to search for people that you want to connect with. If you want to find a high school classmate, Everify can help you locate that classmate. With all these great features of Everify, you can definitely be sure that it is well-worth your hard-earned money. In fact, you can even save on additional expenses when you choose Everify instead of the traditional services. Everify is clearly one of the best, and it definitely sets the bar higher for accurate and quick background searches.