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The Mass Profit Formula software version Clickbank is incorporated with Clickbank website. This software provides you with three different search options: browse, basic, and advanced. These options will lead you to a page where you could find the popular, sought-after and important products in Clickbank that you could promote as an affiliate marketer. Also, the software will provide you a full analysis about the product and vendor. Through this analysis, you can choose the right product to endorse and the one who could give you more income.

On the other hand, Plimus software is connected with Plimus website. Plimus version of the software gives you two search options: basic and advanced. Like the Clickbank version, Plimus will also provide the complete list of products which would be perfect to promote. A full analysis on the product and vendor is also given.

Mass Profit Formula will also supply you with the product reviews and provide you with what you need regarding SEO. Appropriate and good SEO will help you be on top of Google’s search results. The training modules teach you how to make your affiliate site and how to install and use the software’s. One module (module 4) will show you the tools needed in setting up an affiliate site. Module 5 provides an avenue for your training on SEO and the last module talks about the conclusion and how to effectively do the process again and again. Mass Profit Formula must be grabbed by affiliate marketers who want real and fast money. Anyway, the purchase of this software is guaranteed by a 60 day money back guarantee.