PAID SOCIAL MEDIA JOBS Review: What it really is! (New)


PAID SOCIAL MEDIA JOBS Review: A work-from-home opportunity that combines a lucrative profit with an easy, practically effortless job seems too good to be true – and more often than not this is actually the case. With this in mind, it’s only natural that you’ll want to read up on any company offering a paying online job before signing up for it.

Paid Social Media Jobs (short: PSMJ) is one of the companies that pay for online work. If you visit their official website you’ll see that they pay people for spending time on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. While you may raise your eyebrows in suspicion at the thought of earning from places on the Internet that you visit for fun, the principle behind this is actually pretty sound. Paid Social Media Jobs takes advantage of the current trend towards social media marketing.

Social media marketing addresses the fact that more and more people are spending more and more time on social media sites. Companies – even such large ones as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola – are realizing that effective advertising and awareness campaigns can be run on Facebook and Twitter to reach an unprecedented number of people. What Paid Social Media Jobs does is put companies who want to launch social media marketing campaigns in contact with people with the necessary skill set to put them in motion.

And who would have the necessary skill set? Anyone who knows their way around Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can apply for work at Paid Social Media Jobs, and be well rewarded for their efforts. offers jobs from companies all over the world, and the beauty of this company is that you can pick and choose the jobs that appeal to you in terms of both interest and pay. If you’d like to test the waters before going on with your application you can explore the Paid Social Media Jobs homepage to check out some of the jobs that are available to members of the site. You’ll see that you can get paid up to $25 an hour for posting Facebook comments, $20 an hour for commenting on YouTube videos, $200 a week for managing Twitter accounts part-time, and a whopping $1,050 per week for managing social media full time. In some countries, this is more than you’ll get paid for an actual office job! And just think: Paid Social Media Jobs will pay you for working on sites that you’d likely be spending leisure time on anyway!

Filing your application on PSMJ is as easy as anything. You just have to go to their homepage and fill up a form that asks for your name, your email address, your country, your age, and how many hours you can work in a week. Paid Social Media Jobs will also need to confirm if you have a reliable internet connection; can start to work immediately; know how to use Facebook and Twitter; and if you are motivated to make money from home. You answer these simply by ticking off yes or no on the form, and if you’ve wandered onto Paid Social Media Jobs in the first place, the answer should be a resounding yes!

After you’ve sent your application to Paid Social Media Jobs, all you have to do next is to wait for confirmation that they’ve found you suited for the work, and if you’ve spent any time at all on social media, this should be no problem.

Once you’re a Paid Social Media Jobs member, you’ll be given step-by-step instructions on how to go about earning money on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and more. Jobs will be recommended to you based on the contact information you’ve provided, and, unlike some online work sites, Paid Social Media Jobs lets you make an even larger profit by taking several jobs at once. You can receive payment from Paid Social Media Jobs via PayPal or direct money deposit. Either way, it’s entirely possible to make a full-time living with PSMJ!

The only drawback to Paid Social Media Jobs is that their service is not entirely free. You’ll have to pay $4.95 to try it out. The company has a 60-day money-back guarantee, however, so you have some measure of security if things don’t work out for you with Paid Social Media Jobs.

The fact remains, however, that Paid Social Media Jobs has one of the best online job offers out there. The work is simple and fun, and if you can earn up to $1000 a week, the small fee will be just a drop in the bucket as you work your way to huge profits with Paid Social Media Jobs. Click here to try it out:


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