PROFLIGHTSIMULATOR REVIEW: One of the online games with the highest popularity today is called ProFlightSimulator. Here are the pros and cons of this simulator as I seen it in my official review of the product.

ProFlightSimulator Review – What Exactly Is This Package?

ProFlightSimulator reviewFirst before I talk about the details I want to show you it’s awesome stats. This simulator comes with a newly done world, fully functional, it has landmarks and very realistc scenary for every area on the planet because it is powered by Google Maps.

From the solar system to actual weather patterns you will experience true life no matter what part of the planet. It actually feels real that you are flying in a cool plane you chose across the earth.

It has a huge collection of planse you can choose from and they all are very accurate in their depictions. The game as such a compassionate team of developers that they are always adding more planes to choose from even though there were 120 planes already in the game to choose from during this ProFlightSimulator review.

The real question is, since there are so many flight sims already on the market, is ProFlightSimulator really worth my money?
Well after looking at the pros and cons below you can make that decision yourself.

ProFlightSimulator Review – The Pros And Cons

The Pros from ProFlightSimulator

Truly real life like flying

This simulator software is much more life like than any other game like it available. It was created to simulate real life as close as possible. From aircraft reactions to events, to the way the planets move and are alighned to even how the terrain looks.

I have played at least a dozen other simulators like this one online and what I can see most about ProFlightSimulator is how close to detail they paid attention to.

Huge map and aircraft selection

I guess what impressed me the most was the completely detailed, true to life flight simulator that has support for more than 20,000 of the airports on earth. The vast scenary packs and 120 different planes that included Concords, F16s, airliners, Migs and even more.

If it isn’t the 1903 Wright Flyer flown by the Wright Brothers or the Boeing 747 then it is the newest military fighter jet, this flight sim gives you a huge chance to experience a large choice of aircraft.

True mapping of the earth

ProFilghtSimulator actually goes to the extent of mapping the whole solar system with real life like weather actions. What this means is if there is a snow storm in Washington state in real life then in the game there will be a snow storm in Washington!

Awesome bonuses that are better than other packages:

Here are three free bonuses that you will get when you order ProFlightSimulator that you will not get with other packages:

  1. Interactive Scenery Designer
  2. Kelpie Flight Planner
  3. Free Combat Flight Simulator Game

Options for awesome multiplayer action

There are online components in ProFlightSimulator that are expertly done. The two that stand out for me in the online part were chatting and formation flying, honestly I felt they were done by a genious.

Money return promise

You can play for 60 days and if you do not like it they will return your money, guaranteed.

For the life of the game you get free updates

ProFlightSimulator package comes with free updates to the game for life. That means there will be a continuous stream of new stuff that makes the package even more desirable.

The Cons

Download of the package takes a while

Because this package is large it could take you hours to download the game if you have a slow Internet connection.

Alternatively you can upgrade to the DVD part, if this is your case, which can be done in the members’ area.

Might be to much for you when you begin

When you first start you will see that the members’s area can be overwhelming because of how many different maps and aircrafts there are. But you will soon see that there are catagories for the downloads and once you get organized it is not hard to find what you seek.

A flight simulation – Not an arcade game

No doubt there are some people that will want a version of a fligth sim as an arcade game, so although I feel this is a benefit I still need for you to understand this. You need to learn the controls before you can fully appreciate a real flight simulator. If you want to feel satisfied immediately, like in archade style gameing, then ProFlightSimulator might not be what you want. But if you are patient and have the time there are a lot of hours of awesome gameing that is truly realistic that is just waiting for you.

The Bottom Line

ProFilghtSimulator has the best value on the market, there is no doubting that.

Knowing of the great praises it has recieved from others we were a little concerned going into this review, but are very happily changed now. The sim looks, plays, and sounds better than other flight sims available, and has a bigger selection of planse, locations, and other options as well. For months you as the very dedicated gamer will be exploring the earth.

Whether you are a vet flight sim gamer or a newby, ProFlightSimulator will be your favorite in no time.