ProFlightSimulator VS. FlightProSim: Our Honest Review! (NEW!)


PROFLIGHTSIMULATOR: I review top flight simulator games as a member of the flight simulator network. Right now there are 2 games on the market that are somewhat alike. Those are ProFlightSimulator and FlightProSim. Because there were so much alike I wrote to the creator of ProFlightSimulator and FlightProSim and asked for some answers.
I felt it was important to get the differences of the two games so this review would make more since, here is my review of ProFlightSimulator and FlightProSim.

I feel that I came to the conclusion that ProFlightSimulator is a far superior game than FlightProSim. Here are my reasons for saying so.

Why I think ProFlightSimulator is better than FlightProSim


ProFlightSimulator reviewProFlightSimulator uses the new 3.0 custom launcher which makes new games launch a lot easier. It is compatible to a lot of OS’s and has support for more hardware configurations that FlightProSim.
There was no way I could even get FlightProSim or even Flightgear to run on my computer and FlightProSim has some lagging issues. It would crash non-stop. Now with ProFlightSimulator there were none of these issues, the game ran fine.


At about 3 weeks after buying the game, ProFlightSim sent me a new update. I am scheduled for another update in about a month too. This is way more updates that other flight sims. It says there will be 10 new aircrafts and 50 new scenary packs in this next update in a month.This is way better than the FlightProSim game.


They even give you easy to follow tutorials in video format on how to get started flying fast, this didn’t seem to exist in FlightProSim. They made it easy for me to know how to fly certain aircrafts.
Here is a neat idea, there is a guide with pictures that has over 100 pages that you can look through at anytime while you are flying.


With ProFlight Simulator I had no trouble getting my Saitek or Logitech joysticks to work. I did with FlightProSim and Flightgear. That is because it has configurations for joysticks that are easy to use, it syncs with your hardware you already have to work. So now you do not have to struggle with trying to get your gaming hardware to operate.

Conclusion of our ProFlightSimulator review

My conclusion is that ProFlightSimulator is a better all around game and there are more offers which is a better money value, the updates are awesome! The chance that it will not work on your system is almost obsolete and don’t forget about the four free bonuses.

Take ProFlightSimulator for a test flight now and experience the best life like flight sim on the market.