SEnuke XCr Review: What it REALLY is! (Overview, Features, etc.)


SEnuke XCr Review: All SEO practitioners raved for the beautiful creation SENuke X, thanks to software developer Areeb Bajwa. If there should be a copy for this app, it should be “That thing to click to reach the top of the Google world.“.
Everyone who owns a website wants to rule the world and be on top of the list in Google search. With reviews saying that SENuke XCr will be 86% successful in helping you succeed in achieving this goal, this software is being considered the mother of all SEO tools. The numbers would definitely speak for the software’s merits. With 766 websites, comprising of social book marking sites, free blogs, non-forums profiles, forum types, article and RSS directories, and video sites, that you can potentially create back links on, it is more than enough to make your page rank. Chances are, with this number, you are already enjoying your desired Page 1 rank, and profits are flowing into your moneymaking site.
Tools, such as SENuke X, helps you achieve your desired rating by helping you create back links. Backlinks work by having your articles or reviews posted on several sites with a matching link. The basic formula for success that these tools use is Content + Back Link = Sterling SEO campaign.

Even the “old” SENuke X is well-known for its ultimate user-friendly wizard. By user-friendly, that means you don’t have to create codes. Everything is fully-automated and you don’t need to babysit this software and check from time to time to see if it’s still running or if your content is up. All you needed to do is decide how many profiles, or personalities that would appear on the web that are submitting similar contents linking back to your site, click on campaign idea, drag another idea icon to link to it, and then lo and behold, you have already designed your SEO campaign. Enter your content and keywords, and SENuke X will be contacting Google Page Rank 1 sites to submit your content. You don’t even have to worry about creating various email addresses for your profiles – this app will be the one doing the creation and verification of all these addresses.
The team of SENuke does not stop there. While SENuke X is already being applauded by a lot of professional Webmasters who are making money out of their sites, a new heir to the throne of SEO tools is born and about to reign in the market this September. Behold, the SENuke XCr.

In addition, SENuke XCr is also designed to help people who are battling what we can call the Beasts of Google – the Panda and Penguin algorithm. These algorithms are made to attack sites that are deemed to have poor-quality content. These sites are not necessarily spam; rather, they are seen to provide information that may have little use. Penguin, on the other hand, is made by Google to fight webspam and other activities used by websites to deliberately manipulate their ranking in searches. However, even though page owners and web masters have done the best they can to adhere to these restrictions and have made moves to tame the Panda and Penguin their rankings did not seem to improve. This is the time that tools such as SENuke XCr must come in. If you believe that you provide quality content but is still ranking poorly, tools such as this will help you get a place on Page 1.

Since most webmasters and owners that are already making money through their sites would manually go to forums and other websites that accept content (or hire people to do that for them), creating the back links used to be time-consuming or expensive. What SENuke X did is that it aided users to make a campaign that will automatically send articles, videos and comments to sites that accept them, based on keywords or tags. What SENuke XCr aims to do is to enable its user to plug in content to any site. That would mean its users would not have to compete with other submissions that are sent to the same sites. SENuke XCr will allow you to send your content plus back link to your newly-discovered and full-of-potential site, allowing you to create a network to a niche that no one else has discovered.

With four new modules that you can use, SENuke XCr will allow you to submit content to Wikipedia, PDF-sharing sites, WordPress blogs, and Google Places. You don’t have to wait for another forum-type, stingy and strict site to accept your content for your link building, since you have other places to go.
SENuke XCr is also made to create your campaign as fast as 30 seconds, as compared to the former 15-30 minutes of setup. This works perfectly for users who would just want to enter the target URL and desired keywords for their submissions. SENuke XCr will also launch Xindexer 2, which boasts total automation that will automatically delete dead or indexed links from the URL list, plus automatic link and index checks on Google so you can see the over-all system performance. And the major surprise for those who are very excited about this app is the secret meaning of the Cr in SENuke XCr. But whatever that Cr is, it will be pretty much a big plus to the overall appeal of this software.

The same excellent features from the SENuke X version will still be offered in the update, such as sleek and newbie-friendly dashboard, fast turnaround time for your campaign to be built, content scheduling, press release and forum profiles. Just like before, SENuke XCr will be offering you the ability to submit your content with back links without tying you up to your computer.

What’s “Cr” in SEnuke XCr?

SEnuke XCr is Crowd-sourcing software designed to connect a mass of people to accomplish a project. It is a distributed problem-solving and production model. There are thousands of SEnuke users all over the world connected to collaborate in making the SEnuke XCr better!

SEnuke’s own developers add more sites into the software on a weekly basis. The websites that come with the software has been growing in number since the past two years. Though, SEnuke highly encourages the users to be active, participating in the script portal is optional. You can earn 10 points by creating a script that automates retrieving a link from a specific website and sharing the said script to the whole community.

It costs 1 point to download scripts shared by others, so if you share one script, you get to download 10 scripts from other users. Very few people will get links from the same site. Only a very small portion of the population of the SEnuke community will actually be building links from those sites. Bottom-line is, the links you get are fresh and untapped because only very few people know about them!

The SENuke XCr is available to purchase at the same amount as SENuke X, which is $147 a month, with an option for a lifetime license. It will also have custom subscription packages, if you want rates and services that are tailored to your marketing needs. These packages are designed to take away the hassle of having to renew every month. It seems that the developers of the SENuke XCr are very much confident that once you sign in, you are going to love the software for the rest of your SEO life.
If you wish to have a test drive of this software, feel free to enjoy a 14-day trial of this version before you purchase. But if you believe that you are pretty much convinced that this is the perfect SEO tool for you, you can go ahead and immediately buy the software without trying it out first.