“Talonz Diablo 3 Guide” Review: The Truth about this guide!


After a successful launch, Diablo 3 managed to become the fastest selling game on its launch day. Diablo 2 needed 12 months to sell 4 million copies while the latest installment reached this milestone in just one day. With so many players enjoying the game, the need for some guides was natural. There are new features, new game mechanics and some players might need help to reach the level cap and master their characters. Out of so many guides, Talonz Diablo 3 Guide seems to stand out of the crowd. It contains all the information required to level up fast, master all classes and get rich in the world of Sanctuary.

The authors from Talonz Diablo 3 Guide

Talonz Diablo 3 Guide ReviewBefore looking at the guide, knowing the authors a bit is the first step in determining if it is worth your time and money. The guide was written by three gamers. Talonz himself has been a Diablo fan for more than 10 years. He has played the previous versions of the game too. He is also known for his achievements in World of Warcraft by dominating the arenas. The other two authors, Dusk and Shokz are partners in Starcraft II and when Diablo 3 was released, they decided to contribute to the guide.

What you can learn from the Talonz Guide

The first thing that can be noticed about the Talonz Diablo 3 Guide is the fact that you do not get short or boring PDF. Talonz Diablo 3 Guide is actually a collection of extremely useful videos. It is very affordable and odds are you will only need a short time to master everything in the game. Once you get access to the members area, the Talonz Guide contains video guides for almost every aspect of the game. There are for example:

  • Class guides
  • Skill videos
  • Rune combinations and optimization
  • Gold farming
  • Artisan guides
  • Blacksmithing guides
  • Leveling videos
  • Boss strategies
  • Inferno guide
  • and much, much more


Most gamers get bored reading a guide. The fact that most of the information in Talonz Diablo 3 Guide is in a video format is a BIG plus. Also, users are able to upload their own videos if the information they provide is useful. The community itself is very helpful and everyone seems to enjoy helping each other.


The only negative aspect of the guide is the impossibility to avoid minimizing the game to search for information. Since most of the useful stuff is in video format, you can’t print it out to read it as you play. But if you have two monitors, the problem is solved. Or if you have just 1 monitor, you can play Diablo 3 in window-view (to set this up go into the game settings) and watch the videos at the same time as playing the game.

The Bottom Line

The Diablo 3 Talonz Guide stands out from the crowd mainly because it is different. There is no boring PDF’s as in other guides. It looks professional and the videos are very helpful and amazing. For it’s price this particular guide is probably the best deal you can find if you remember to cancel the subscription when you feel that the videos cannot help you any further. Click here to try out “Talonz Diablo 3 Guide” now: http://idealreviews.com/talonz-diablo-3-guide

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