Veliks Tera Guide Review: What the Veliks Guide REALLY is!


VELIKS TERA GUIDE Review: Veliks Tera Guide is an unofficial comprehensive online guide for Tera, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). It features an extensive all-you-need-know information about playing Tera – including detailed maps, class guides, items guide, and effective strategies in completing quests.

Veliks Tera Guide ReviewThe Veliks Tera Guide is developed by the same group of professional gamers who created the best selling “Aeon SWTOR Guide“. The group is composed of highly experienced players in the MMORPG field who have dedicated themselves in learning and formulating the best strategies in playing Tera.

Every avid gamer knows that playing MMORPGs takes a lot time and effort. Such games have a vast scope that it would take weeks of hard playing just to master a single aspect of it. Veliks Tera Guide offers players the fast track to mastering every level of the game. With its picture-oriented, step-by-step guide, leveling up will take significantly less time.

Features of the Veliks Tera Guide:

  • Complete Walkthrough

    Veliks Tera Guide assists players into navigating their way into the Tera world by presenting a well guided walkthrough of the entire quests of the game from level 1 to level 60. With this complete walkthrough, players need not worry of getting lost. It includes locations of quests, the quest objectives, as well as suggestions of the most efficient way in going about a quest.

  • Detailed Map & NPC Location

    The world of Tera is immense. With the “Detailed Map & NPC Location” feature of the Veliks Tera Guide, getting lost will never be a concern. It contains all the maps of the Tera geography – including dungeons, underground areas, and PvP maps – that will show players where to go, where to find the important monsters, and the location of the Non Player Characters (NPCs). The maps of the guide also show the location of the questing hubs, rare monsters, and the solo and group areas. Moreover, the maps are overlaid with markings showing significant routes, important locations, and secrets that will facilitate the pace of the game.

  • Class Guide

    The Class Guide of the Veliks Guide presents a list of the different character classes (Warrior, Lancer, Archer, Mystic, Priest, Sorcere, Slayer, Berserker) of the Tera world. All there is to know about every class is presented in this guide. It also suggests to players what skills to use for a particular class, how to setup an action bar, and which skills perfectly go together to achieve maximum damage. Additionally, the guide presents tricks known only to those who have mastery over a particular class.

  • Kick-ass PvP Guide

    The “Player vs Player” (PvP) feature of the game plays a huge part in Tera. Veliks Tera Online Mastery Guide, through the PvP guide, teaches players how to dominate PvP battles by showing secrets and effective tactics such as ways on countering other classes, the capabilities of the other classes and what to expect from them, and the most efficient way of assaulting an opponent.These tactics are well studied by the Veliks Guide team to provide the best gaming experience to players in the most fun way.

  • End Game Guide

    End games are the special part of an MMORPG. The End Game Guide inclusion in the “Veliks Tera Mastery Guide” package will help players to successfully conquer an end game to get the best gears in turn. Regardless of the player’s level of expertise, he will be properly guided as to what to lookout for in the game with the help of this guide.

  • Items and Stats Guide

    With this guide, players are instructed on the best tools to have out of the countless that are found in the game. This part also shows where to find the best gears and the easiest way to get them. The Veliks Tera Guide provides players the advantage of having the right tools that can result to an optimum stat boost.

  • Crafting and Gold Guide

    Maximize a character’s effectiveness by customizing the best gear with the techniques presented in the Crafting guide. With the Gold guide, players will never run out of money for support of their trading and upgrading needs.

  • Bad-ass-Monsters (BAM) Guide

    Arguably the most useful guide in the Veliks Tera Guide, the BAM guide provides players combat strategies on how to defeat BAMs.

The Veliks Tera Guide, developed and compiled by the some of the most competent gamers around, is the best online resource for Tera and 100% risk-free. Players are guaranteed a fast level up while enjoying the gaming experience to the fullest. Click here to try out ‘Veliks Tera Guide‘ now:

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